CaterParrott Railnet (CPR) is a Georgia based company created in 2005. It was founded by two business leaders, Jamie Cater and Christopher Parrott. CPR is set apart from other rail carriers because of our “hands-on” approach to economic development, customer service and a partnership approach to doing business.

History on the Valdosta Division:
Chartered in 1905, the DA&G (Douglas, Augusta and Gulf Ry) was a creation of John Skelton Williams’ new Georgia and Florida Railway. Organized to purchase and consolidate several small existing lines, the DA&G was a short-lived system that was absorbed into the Georgia & Florida in 1907.

The first acquisition was a line from Barrows Bluff to Douglas purchased from the Wadley and Mt. Vernon in 1905. Next came the Pinebloom-to-Nashville line acquired from the Ocilla, Pinebloom, and Valdosta Railway in 1906 and a line from Broxton to Hazlehurst bought from the Ocilla and Valdosta in 1906 or 1907. Once these were in hand, the company constructed a new line from Douglas to Garrant (near West Green) as a shortcut around Broxton. The result of all of this activity was a railroad from Hazlehurst to Nashville, Georgia, that became a critical link in the Georgia & Florida line.

Today the 44 mile rail line starts in Valdosta and goes to Willacoochee; where CPR has  reestablished rail service into the City of Willacoochee.   Interchanges with Norfolk Southern in Valdosta.

History of the Madison Division:

This line was part of the Central of Georgia’s”F-Line” and “E-Line”.

The trackage between Machen and Newborn was constructed around 1894 by the Middle Georgia and Atlantic Railway, the trackage between Machen and Madison was constructed by the Macon and Northern Railroad Company in 1891.   Both railroads eventually became part of the Central of Georgia Railroad, which became part of the Southern Railway System in 1963 and Norfolk Southern in 1982.     Today these two routes combined make up CPR’s Madison Division. 


History of the Thomaston Division:

This line was first founded and operated by the Thomaston and Barnesville Railroad Company in 1839.   Through various mergers;  the line became part of the Southern Railway and Norfolk Southern in 1982.   CPR began operating this route in 2016 as CPR’s Thomaston Division.