Our top priority is delivering great customer service to our customers. We understand the demands of business and the dynamics of business operations in this economy.     We stand ready to assist you and your rail needs in any way possible.

We can facilitate new construction for rail spurs,  assist in logistics for existing facilities who need rail service and work with out-of-service spurs to bring into a good state of repair to ship and receive your goods by rail.

Some of the commodities that we ship include  Polypropylene, Glue, Wax, Corn Gluten, Sunflower, Millet, Wood Products, Clay Products, Paper, MDF Board and Haz-Mat Products.

Service Routes in Georgia Include

Valdosta Division:  Interchanges with NS
Valdosta -Ray City – Nashville – Willacoochee

          Tifton District:   Interchanges with NS

Madison Division: Interchanges with NS

Madison -Godfrey – Shady Dale – Machen – Newborn

Thomaston Division: Interchanges with NS

Barnesville – The Rock – Thomaston

Savannah Division: Interchanges with NS

        Sylvania – Ardmore District

Current CPR Tariff Instructions: CPR Tariff Instructions 4.1.2024